Sneak Peak: Valentine's Day Dinner

Hello, everyone. The essays, the GREs, the begging for recs...it's over! I am officially finished applying to schools (at least for now), and back into the thick of life...which for me means cooking and planning the details of my impending wedding..."impending" sounds intense. Hmm.

I plan to get back to writing yummy posts soon, but for now, here is a picture of a recently made meal of homemade pasta. For Christmas, Devin got me a pasta attachment for our Kitchenaid, and now fresh, delicious pasta is at our fingertips anytime we like! We tried it out for the first time on Valentine's Day and topped it off with a red wine and mushroom sauce and some filet mignon. The pasta is just so much better than boxed stuff, and you can even freeze it raw to make for an easy weeknight supper. I will write a post about making pasta soon.

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