Oh, hai!


It's been a while! Per us! LIttle things like applying to graduate school (I'll be starting at Boston University this fall) planning a wedding (getting married in 33 days, but who's counting?), and ya know, working full time, etc. seem to have gotten in the way. I am popping in to link up to my neighbor's blog, A Little Cat Fur. 5 of us in the building are teaming up together to get our sorry backyard into veggie-growing, BBQing party central in time for summer. Be sure to check her blog out to follow our progress! 2 architects, a former farmer and...me and Devin will do whatever it takes to get this thing done, and we couldn't be more excited to have good company whilst we do it!


  1. oh hai! just stopped by to wish you well for tomorrow!! may the zen be with you. :)
    APW reader dday

  2. Have a super wonderful wedding! I'm sending good vibes.

    -an APW reader

  3. Happy wedding day! Many good wishes for much happiness!
    - Another APW reader