Blast from the past! Summer Lobster Dinner

Last summer after I moved from CT to MA, I only worked part-time for the month of August. This meant I had a lot of time to play on my hands, and that playing took place mainly in the kitchen. I have to admit, I kind of loved pretending to be a housewife for the month, enjoying preparing meals at a leisurely pace. This particular meal was a locavore's delight (at least as far as the produce was concerned.) The herbs (chives and basil) came from Devin's parents' garden. The potatoes, tomatoes and corn came from Ward's Berry Farm, where I also handpicked the blueberries for the pie (nerd alert!) The peaches in the pie came from our backyard at the time. Nothing says summer to me like lobster, white wine, corn on the cob and pie. Sigh.

August, 2009, Mansfield, MA

  • Steamed lobster with drawn butter (my favorite way to steam is in salted water with peppercorns and white wine)
  • Chardonnay
  • Fresh, local corn with butter
  • Roasted fingerling potatoes with garlic oil and chives
  • Heirloom tomato salad with olive oil, cracked pepper, fleur de sel and chopped basil
  • Blueberry-peach pie

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