Our Wedding!

This blog is called Weddings, Wine and Weltanschauung, and yet, I have only talked about food. I assure you, often times as I cook I am also enjoying a glass of wine (and sometimes splashing some in the pan for good measure). I guess weltanschauung is represented by anything I’ve said here thus far, as food happens to be part of my outlook on life.

That leaves weddings.

Devin proposed to me on my 25th birthday. Proposal story can be found here. We have set the date of June 4, 2011 in Hartford, CT for our wedding. We met in 2003 at Trinity College our freshman year, became good friends, and didn’t start dating until after graduation! Though I grew up in Philadelphia and Devin in Mansfield, MA, Hartford seemed to be the perfect place to tie the knot. Our core group of friends lives in and around New England and Hartford is common ground for us both. Being a small city, it is easy for out of towners to get from the airport into downtown Hartford easily. Also, hotels are within a few blocks of our reception site. Win for everyone!

While we have been engaged for 4 months, we still have a LOT to do. Like figure out where to get married, for example. However, we DO know where we want to have our reception. We spent a whole day in the greater Hartford area scoping out venue sites, and eventually decided on The Old Sate House, designed by the same architect who designed the Boston State House, Charles Bullfinch. Besides picking the location, the only other big check off the list is the dress.

The wedding is a one-day affair, but the blogs and websites out there make you feel as if you are planning the most important day of your life. I am so beyond excited to marry my best friend, but I am more excited for our lives together and what the future will bring than our wedding reception. It is just. one. day. I am going to try to make sure that I keep that in mind as we plan—for the sake of our sanity, budget, and everyone who has to bear with us as we plan.

With that, I present to you pictures from the reception venue (all images from photographers Robert and Kathleen:



Main room (where dining and/or dancing will take place)

Exterior shot


  1. Abbie, this blog is really great. It's nice to get a peek into your home life together!! and I TOTALLY know what you mean about not letting the wedding take over your life. It's actually been pretty low-key for us so far and we're trying to keep it that way. Congrats and look forward to reading more! -- Ellen Mc

  2. Thanks, Ellen! We'll have to trade tips and keep each other grounded :) For now, next to do - FOOD! One of the most important things to us, I am looking fwd to it!